New to Atlas Uprising? Take your time and watch our Server Trailer, we are certain you'll enjoy it!
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With a majority of our framework being custom, the
Rebirth brings new life into our community.

When Quality meets Comfort, you get
Atlas Uprising.




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A New, Custom 1 of 1 Map.
This Map is a mix of our Version 8 Map with the popular map of Site-85.



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An immense amount of Custom Addons, ready for you to enjoy!



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Revitalized Gameplay, Custom to Atlas Uprising.


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Ammo must now be distributed throughout the entire Foundation AND CI. However, at some point, you will run out of ammo within your main cache. When that time comes, Foundation Command are able to call in a Resupply to be Delivered on the Surface..... Watch out! This resupply can be pilfered by the CI. Capture it and bring it back, or lose it and suffer the consequences of running a facility without ammo..... Your skill will dictate your survival.


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We have a new Armor System that is completely linked with our proprietary inventory system. Never before seen in GMOD SCP-RP, this system allows you to customize your character based on what armor you wear. Additionally, your armor amount is totally based on what type of armor you wear! Finally, if you take the armor off, it physically takes it off in-game, changing your model to a different model once the chest piece is taken off!


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Being a PVP (Player Versus Player) server is really difficult! Balancing weaponry is a point of interest from all of our players. As such, during this update, we took the initiative to launch a new Weapon Balancing System. All Weapons of the same caliber will have the EXACT same stats (Shotguns excluded). The only difference in weaponry now are the attachments! Sooooo, use them wisely!


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Time for that Sweet Sweet Progression!

Back in the ol' days, players had a whole lot of money and nothin' to use it on! So, we decided to implement this new system, the Progression System! Players can use this system to implement personal upgrades for themselves, such as HP, Armor, and Weight (To hold more stuff in your inventory). These upgrades reset at the end of the month, and can only be implemented on you by a Researcher. So, if you have the money, and you trust a researcher with that money, head on down to the Research Bay and get some upgrades!


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This system allows all players to hold onto their weapons, armor, and craftable items! You can also trade your items to other players by clicking your "F2" button when looking at them! This new system took a lot of time to make, and we genuinely hope you enjoy it!


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With the Rebirth, all departments have a personal bank. This bank is called the "HAMBANK" and can be accessed by all department members. This system gives each department some money based on how active the department is throughout the month. With this money, the Department leaders are able to purchase upgrades that last until the end of the month! These upgrades are HP, Armor, and Weapons (YES, Weapons!). Each Job can have a different weapon until the end of the month, but watch out, each weapon is costly!


Well.... not really. The new Department is called the "Initial Security Team" and are comprised solely of new players! We have separated GENSEC from the Security Trainee's and Security Guards. This change should allow all new players to have a chance at joining any department right out of the bat, instead of being forced into one from the get-go. Additionally, players in this Department are promoted automatically! Through their playtime and dedication, we have implemented a system that promotes them without requiring anyone. This should help those who haven't been noticed! Now then, new folks, get on out there and enjoy yourselves!

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Here are the changes you'll be seeing in the Update!

UPDATE ADDITIONS (Many Background Changes not Included in this List)

  • New MAP - Largest ever SCP-RP Map
  • Complete Keycard system Rework. Ranks are now tied to your keycard level, which can go up to a sublevel of 6.
  • FPS Increasing Addons. (Up to 2x FPS Boost - All depends on your Hardware)
  • Progression System - This is a Monthly Perk system that is unlocked by Researchers. Simply go up to them with money, and have them give you boosts that last until the end of the month!
  • NEW DEATH ANIMATIONS - Over 100 different Death Animations occur which makes the gameplay more believable and 
  • NEW ARMOR SYSTEM - With the new Armor system, all players (Other than certain jobs) will have at default 100 HP. The only difference from now on will be your armor. By wearing specific articles of armor, you are given a certain model. If you take your armor off, you will be modeled back to your original model that you picked when creating your character.
  • NEW INVENTORY & CRAFTING SYSTEM - You can craft items to use, and have an inventory that stores all your armor and weapons.
  • Department Money System - Each Department now has a system that generates money based on how active the department is throughout the month. With that money, each department can give DEPARTMENT-WIDE upgrades to all of their own soldiers, as well as purchasing different weapons for each job in the department. These upgrades last until the end of the month!
  • SITE AGENTS ARE MERGED WITH RESEARCHERS - New Department, The Research Insurgents! The Research Agents (New Site Agents) are tasked with protecting and assisting researchers with all that they may need. Protect them at all costs!
  • New CUSTOM AFK System - When a Player goes AFK for 10 minutes (No moving or looking around), they are transported to a location on the map and made invisible. This should help a lot with frame-rate stability as it stops players from having to needlessly load weapons and models from AFK players. (To Un-AFK yourself, simply move.)
  • New CUSTOM Door Damage System - Certain doors can now be damaged. When shot at, these doors will be render them un-usable. In order to fix them, an Engineer is required.
  • New CUSTOM SCP-035 Job - This SCP is player controlled (The mask), and can be used to lure anyone near it. When lured, the player will be prompted to answer a mathematical question. If they fail, they must put the mask on. Once on, 035 can communicate with the person who they have lured, but no one else will be able to hear them.... Tread lightly, soldiers....
  • New CUSTOM Bomb Collar System - The Foundation can now place Bomb-Collars on any individuals they deem a problem. When a player has a bomb on them, they can dictate whether or not they want players to be able to defuse the bomb by clicking the "R" button. The Foundation can decide to detonate all the bomb collars with a click of a button, which would put all the collars on a 10 minute timer until detonation. During that time, the only way to stop the bombs is by defusing them or by finding the defusal button accessible only by command. To Defuse the Bomb, you'll need to conduct a plethora of Math Equations. Only the best can succeed, are you up to the task?...
  • New CUSTOM Raid System - Players no longer have to make a Staff Ticket when clearing Bunks. When Clearing bunks, all you have to do is click a button which lights up an entity, showing players that their bunks have been cleared. Additionally, a Raid Timer has been placed in every bunk, allowing all players to see how much time is left and how long the raid has been occurring.
  • New CUSTOM D-Class Work - The D-Class have a new Job, they are in-charge of transporting ammo across the entire foundation, amazing! Additionally, they can now mine for minerals or forage in the trash bin for loot! Who knows what they can make!
  • New CUSTOM Passive Mode System - When on the Surface, E6 and CI can choose to become passive at the click of a button. When in passive mode, non-passive players cannot deal any damage to passive-mode players. This system will allow Roleplayers to enjoy themselves on the surface without being hindered by pesky Military Michaels. 
  • New CUSTOM Character Creation System - New and Revamped character creation system. Create your character, your way!
  • E6 and CI Complete Balance - The CI and E6 now have mirrored Jobs (Excluding Scout & Medic) and mirrored weaponry. This Balance sweep should help even out the battlefield.
  • Separation of New Players from GENSEC - Every SGT+ is in-charge of the new players. They, however, no longer have a connection to GENSEC and are free Agents. This should help GENSEC with Quality Assurance and help new players choose their own home.
  • Players who are killed by Explosives can no longer be revived.
  • COMPLETE Weapon Balance Overhaul - All weapons of the same caliber (Excluding Shotguns) now have the same exact stats. The only difference are the attachments.
  • New CI Resupply Points for Raids - The Chaos Insurgency's main Raid Loadout Weapon is stronger than the usual weapon, but only by a little bit. Now, their main balance point are the Resupply points. These resupply points will give them their armor, health, and ammo back after interacting with it. 
  • REMOVED Weapon Ricochet
  • All Department now have 3 or 4 weapons bespoke only for them.
  • Added New Loading Screens.
  • New GENSEC Models.
  • New E6 Jobs & Models.
  • New Chaos Insurgency Models.
  • New GENSEC Models. 
  • Total Overhaul of the SCP-662 SWEP.
  • New SCP-076-2 Weapons.
  • SCP-049 & SCP-4000-W can now be tracked by their soldiers, allowing them to know where to get if they get lost.
  • SCP-049 SWEP now automatically dictates whether someone has the pestilence or not. SCP-049 players no longer need to roll in order to infect someone, simply click on them and pray it works.
  • Added Lead Job to Every Specialized Job on the Server.
  • Added /RP command which allows players to write down a description of an Area or situation without having to use /me. 
  • Changed Cuffs Blinding Key to ALT instead of Left Click. This should allow players to shoot at cuffed individuals now instead of blinding them.
  • Certain SCPs now run Faster than regular players. 
  • Added new D-Class Models. 
  • Players can now be revived a maximum of 2 times, afterwards, they perish. 
  • New Initial Security Team Training NPC.
  • Removed /name notifications pop-ups on the right because everyone would call out when Soul would change his name to [REDACTED].
  • To Break out of Cuffs, you must damage them by completing a certain amount of Math Equations. 
  • Removed being able to Gag Cuffed players. This part of the cuffs was usually always used to limit RP. If someone is mic-spamming, call staff. 
  • Many Other Changes...

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